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About Deno

Meet DenoDaDon

Devin Hurst, who’s better known as Deno da Don, is a razor sharp lyricist with a laid back demeanor and the good looks of an R&B singer.  With a natural ability to lead and handle business like a boss should, Deno da Don is a befitting moniker for the New Orleans hip hop heart throb.  Being born and raised in one of the nation’s most crime-ridden cities, Deno da Don is no stranger to the streets.  He uses the things he witnesses and lives everyday as the subject matter of his poetically laced lyrics.

To escape the harsh realties of life, Deno da Don would write poetry.  He wrote his first poem at age 12, and by age 14, had successfully written over 40 poems.  He discovered through poetic expression he was lyrically gifted as well.  Although Deno would later find himself a young teenager consumed by the hard-hitting city streets, his love and passion for music would lead him in a direction that may have ultimately saved his life.


Deno began blessing hot tracks with his poetic stanzas. He would take this talent and put forth conscious efforts to make a dream a reality.  This led to the formation of the group “Da Mercenary Boyz”.  As a founding member and lead songwriter, Deno da Don released a few projects.  In 2002 he released “Da Mercenary Boyz Mix Tape Vol.1”.  In 2004 Deno dropped his debut street album “Its Official”.  His first solo project showcased his range, the passion he has for music, and the love he has for his family. For this album, Deno drew inspiration from artists he’s musically influenced by like Devin the Dude, Lil Wayne, Drake, and L.L. Cool J.  His hard work and dedication to producing such a quality album landed Deno a feature in Hip Hop Teen Magazine that same year.  With a growing buzz and developing fan base, Deno da Don was on his way to proving he’s one of the best.


In 2005 the city he once called home was destroyed and devastated by Hurricane Katrina.  In its aftermath, Deno da Don was relocated to many different cites and states.  Dedicated to make it, Deno continued to find ways to make music.  Nothing, including having lost everything, could shake his ambition and perseverance.  In 2005 he also dropped “Against the Wall”, a street album produced by the talented D.Francis.  The next few years of bouncing around state to state would greatly impact Deno’s lyrical content. In 2008 he moved back to New Orleans and linked up with Trap Muzik Inc., a locally based indie entertainment company.  Deno’s writing skills were ever better and his confidence was at a new high.


In 2009 he released “This Just Me…Walk a Day in MyShoes”, a project he candidly rapped about a day in the life of this popular, smooth talking, hardworking rap artist he grew to be.  What attracted Trap Muzik’s interest and what is probably on of his most impressive traits is his take charge approach to his career.  From creating the music, to promoting and sells,Deno is hands on through the whole process.  In 2011 he dropped the street album “Better Than Your Last”, with production from Turner.  This project is one dedicated to the ladies.  What Deno da Don is charismatic with is how he appeases both females and males with his music.  Over the years he has developed his style and gained a loyal audience of supporters whom he is forever grateful for. With flawless ambition, Deno da Don is creating lanes and making ways to take his career to the next level.

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